Matterport 3D / 360 Virtual Tour pricing in Singapore

Pricing is generally based on the size and floor area of a space. For a professional 3D Tour services in Singapore, pricings start from S$480 for a small space. For larger spaces, pricings may be calculated based on per square foot basis, ranging from $0.19 psf to $0.23 psf.

Key factors:

  • type of space
  • location
  • floor area
  • level of scanning required


The 3D Virtual Tour is hosted in an online cloud platform with our Chio Space overlay. First year hosting is included free of charge as a special complimentary for all our clients. If you intend to keep the 3D Space for the long term, hosting fee is payable from the 2nd year.

Content Tags

Content Tags are the small colored tags / hotspots you see inside the 3D Tour where we can add more details such as Text, Video or Image. If you require many content tags, there will be add-on costs.


We use the latest Matterport Pro 2 3D Camera, delivering high-quality 3D scans that produce the most stunning 3D tours.


Every space is unique and every client has different requirements. If you are looking for a price estimate for a 360 / 3D Virtual Tour services in Singapore, Contact Us Now for more details.

For pricing enquiries, please send your space details & requirements and include as much information as possible. Please send the floor plans and photos of your space so we can have a better understanding. We look forward to showcase your beautiful spaces soon.

Chio Space is the leading 3D and 360 Virtual Tour provider in Singapore. We are the official Matterport Service Provider and among the first to bring the Matterport Pro cameras into Singapore. We are also a Google Trusted Photographer / Agency.

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Note: This article is updated on 29 Dec 2021. Pricings are in Singapore dollars and subject to change.