48 Boon Lay Way Singapore

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About Us

The SAF Warrant Officers And Specialists Club was relocated from Beach Road to Boon Lay Way in October 2001, with the new identity known as THE CHEVRONS. The four-storey recreation club houses a wide range of amenities that caters to the diverse interests of its members and guests.

The club makes continuous efforts to strengthen bonds among the Warrant Officers, Specialists, Military Experts, and their families through activities and events. It also seeks to improve our members’ well-being by providing them with facilities and services that cater to their recreational needs.


  • Refers to the V-shaped stripe worn by all Warrant Officers and Specialists as the insignia of their ranks.


  • Symbolising life, the leaf reminds us of the club’s relaxing environment. The three chevrons-like veins on the leaf represent the three services of the SAF.
  • The lush green leaf represents a vibrant and relaxing club where members and their families can truly unwind and forge closer ties.

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