Azbil @ Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC (ITAP) 2022

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Azbil @ Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC (ITAP) 2022

Azbil’s exhibition, themed “A Sustainable Future through Digital Technology,” will focus on the company’s industrial automation and building automation solutions that promote DX and help contribute “in series” to a sustainable society.
ITAP is the Asia-Pacific’s counterpart to HANOVER MESSE, the world’s leading industrial tradeshow, and is the region’s premiere B2B event for promoting Industry 4.0. Because the Asia-Pacific region continues to be a prime hub for Industry 4.0 and digital transformation, the event is designed to aid businesses looking to adopt advanced manufacturing solutions and technology. This year‘s theme of “Industry 4.0 for Business Sustainability” is intended to help regional businesses start, scale and sustain their adoption of Industry 4.0 processes and solutions.
Azbil considers ITAP as an important exhibition for the purposes of expanding business in Southeast Asia and further increasing recognition in the region. The company will feature its latest products under the following categories.
・Process automation, with examples of smart field devices that contribute to plant safety, stable operation, and improved productivity.
・Factory automation, which features the company’s measurement, control, and networking technologies that can improve factory operation through IoT, big data, and other innovations.
・Building automation, with a focus on how Azbil’s Digital Twin applications to help realize smart facility management (which is advocated by the Singaporean government), contribute to energy conservation and drive sustainability for businesses.

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