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The Voice of Nature

Solo exhibition by I Made Djirna
Curated by Hermanto Soerjanto
24 July – 29 August 2021
Mizuma Gallery is pleased to announce The Voice of Nature, a solo exhibition by Indonesian artist I Made Djirna, curated by Hermanto Soerjanto.
In this solo exhibition, I Made Djirna discusses the awareness of the relationship between humans and nature. According to Djirna, nature and humans communicate through natural signs, for example: a cloudy sky is a sign that rain will come, and a certain insect’s chirp is a sign of the change of seasons. Unfortunately, modern humans like us are too involved in our daily activities that we often ignore ‘the voice of nature’. We even tend to no longer respect nature so that the balance of the relationship between humans and nature is disturbed. As a consequence, this triggers the emergence of various problems, including ones that have recently surfaced.
Djirna is an artist who was born, grew up, and works in Bali, a place where Balinese Hindu spiritualism still flourishes in daily life, and this has become a fundamental influence in how he views his art making process. Through the nine works in this exhibition, Djirna discusses Tri Hita Karana, the philosophy of life for the Balinese Hindu community which translates to “Three Causes of Well-Being”, which consists of harmony with God, harmony among humans, and harmony with nature. This philosophy also perfectly describes Djirna’s daily life, which is filled with religious ceremonies. In both his studio and home, Djirna is always surrounded by various kinds of plants, pets – his favourite dogs and many species of birds – as well as numerous natural objects such as stones, logs, and pieces of relief from demolished temples. Indeed, Balinese temple reliefs seem to heavily influence Djirna’s works, where many figures in primitive deformation are lined up flat, with no perspective. At first glance, his paintings remind us of Jean Dubuffet’s, but in the nuance of Balinese spirituality. Djirna’s works seem to pose an inevitable question, “Is this pandemic that we are going through right now also a form of nature’s voice trying to tell us something?”
The Voice of Nature, a solo exhibition by I Made Djirna, will run from 24 July till 29 August 2021.


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