Frequently Asked Questions

A 3D Virtual Tour provides the most immersive experience for your clients, potential customers, tenants or buyers to view your properties and spaces at any place and any time.

Be at the forefront of Real Estate Technology. 3D Virtual Tour and Virtual Reality is the future. Let’s go there together.

The time needed is at least 2 hours and dependent on the type and size of space. In general, it will take approx. 1-1.5 hours for every 1,000 square feet space. For a 5,000 sf space, it may take approx. 5-8 hours to complete.

Planning and setting up the space may take 30 mins or longer for larger spaces. A staging and preparation guidelines will be sent to you so you can have the premises ready prior to our scanning appointment.

The 3D camera is designed for interior spaces. Depending on sun light conditions, we may be able to scan outdoor and exterior areas to be included into your 3D Tour. Else, we can take 360° or 2D photos for the exterior / outdoor areas.

The whole session can be long, tedious and boring. You do not need to be present. We can work alone and update you once the scan is completed. However, please feel free to stay if you wish to see how we work.

The camera rotates 360° and any people who do not wish to be photographed into the 3D Tour should be out of view of the camera. The camera records through glass windows and partitions too. If your rooms comprise glass partitions and the people inside the rooms prefer to stay out of the 3D Tour, please advise them to pull down their blinds/shades.

The Spaces are cloud based and reside on Matterport’s platform & servers and our website.

For Google Street View, the 360° panorama photos are hosted on Google’s servers.

You can embed both our 3D Virtual Tours and Google Street View Tours onto your own websites.

There is no capability to photoshop or edit to beaufity the 3D Tour. As such, staging the site is important to ensure that your Space look at its best and most beautiful for the finished model.

Yes, photos and videos can be embedded within the Content Tags in the 3D Tour. Content Tags are small colored tags where viewers can click to view the embedded content.

Turn around time depends on the size and space. After the scanning session is completed, we typically require 3-5 working days to process most Spaces. For large spaces above 10,000 sf, processing may take around 5-10 working days or longer.

In the event there are issues in processing the Space, we will work with the Support Team to resolve them at the soonest.

Note: We have the capability to rush the job and send you the url link of your 3D Tour within 1 working day. However, anything fast would not turn out to be good. We highly value the quality of our work and want to ensure the 3D Tour of your Spaces look at their best and most beautiful i.e. Chioest. Appreciate your understanding and patience as you eagerly await the final 3D Space to be completed.

Yes, 360° and 2D Photo Snapshots are included in our package as a free bonus. Once the 3D Virtual Tour for your Space is done, we will process the photo snapshots and send them to you. To view and share your own 360° photos, you can upload into Facebook, or create your free accounts in Kuula or Momento360.


Yes, we use a Manfrotto Tripod which can be easily configured to lower height if necessary. Please share with us more details of your Space and we can advise you further.

Audio and video must be hosted on a third-party provider such as YouTube or SoundCloud. Upload to that provider and then use that link. We cannot directly add audio or visual files you host on your own website, such as MP3, WAV, MP4, MPEG, etc.

The 3D Virtual Tour can be viewed from your desktop computer, tablet and smartphone. You need an internet connection and a web browser that supports WebGL. Please always update your browser to the latest stable version.


Yes, all 3D Spaces can be converted to Virtual Reality (VR) Ready. Recommended VR headsets for a high quality immersive experience include the Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Go and Google Daydream View. Low cost headsets such as Google Cardboard and Miniso VR headset are good too.

If you have a VR headset now and wish to experience how it works, go to our 3D Virtual Tour portfolio page, select and open any 3D Space using your mobile smartphone. Click the headset icon at the bottom right of the 3D Tour and enjoy the VR space.

Important! Please read and take note the Health and Safety guidelines here before immersing yourself into a Virtual Reality Space.

At the moment, the VR Space does not support Content Tags. View the Content Tags in the 3D Virtual Tour on your browser.

What can you publish? Try these possibilities:

  • Business Listings — retail and restaurants
  • Places of Interest — museums and landmarks
  • Travel and Hospitality — hotels and resorts
  • Commercial Real Estate — office spaces

Private homes (residential real estate) cannot be published to Google Street View.

Read more details here

Face Blurring is an upcoming new feature and currently in Beta. During processing when we upload a job, we can choose to automatically detect faces and blur them. This helps address privacy concerns when needed. However please note that this is not reversible and may not work perfectly now. So if there are people in the 3D tour, we can try to experiment with a copy of the 3D Space first before deciding whether to use the processed 3D Space for further post production work.

Yes, we love beautiful chio spaces and feel that photographs are a must to showcase all beautiful spaces in the world.

“A picture is worth a thousand words” .. and great photographs are worth a million words..

We provide interior, architecture and real estate photography services.

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